Who’s Being Fooled?

This blog is written by Vickram Crishna. It will look at ways and means to explore the impact and relevance of communication, talking about and analysing media forms of all kinds, from whichever perspective catches my eye.

My special interest is inclusive development, and this perspective will colour most of my writing here.


4 responses to “Who’s Being Fooled?

  1. Development is the key, but many challenges to be overcome, collectively and with malice towards none.

    How can we push the development process forward?


    Kind regards,

    Yawar Mian

  2. communicall


    Striving towards open communication, ensuring that all are enabled to make the choices that best suit them. Nothing else has as much meaning, or else effort ends up being selfish charity.

  3. Hi!

    I attended your session “Intelligent Choices – Opportunities in non-traditional IT areas ” at Karachi last year and it turned out to be a great paradigm shift for me. I was wondering if you can share anything from that session here on your blog because sometime back when I uploaded the pics from that session, a few people were interested in knowing more about it.
    Also, as far as I remember you showed interest in creating an online community where we can discuss various things related to ICT4D, if you have started any such community, please share the information, so that I may join in too and can also refer it to others interested in this area.

    PS: Apologies for the long comment, couldn’t see any contact link so, had to use the comment box! 🙂

  4. Vic

    @Fariha: Yes, one has to keep contact links off public sites as far as possible.

    Online community: actually, I had encouraged the audience to think of doing this, on order to help people from diverse sectors (education, self-help, tech-savvy and so on) keep in touch with each other, and perhaps – almost certainly, I believe – synergies would evolve. Use whatever tools people are comfortable with: lists, networking sites, Twitter…

    Let me see if I can upload the presentation with notes to Google Apps and publish it, with updates.

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